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Former IBMer, Language Expert, Database Expert, Ethical Hacker

Author of Cola programming language and compiler for .NET - . Cola is a real .NET compiled language that is compatible with other CTS languages like C# and VB.NET. Cola shares a subset of syntax with C#, but is not 100% compatible and has separate goals. The compiler is written in C++

Author of tinyGrid.js, a tiny footprint jQuery grid plugin for MVC -

Perl6 developer from 2001-2005; co-wrote the Parrot Virtual Machine and compiler tools; continuation support, IO subsystem, register allocator, PIR language. Technical reviewer for Perl6 & Parrot Essentials from O'Reilly.

In college I wrote MUD++. It had a stack based VM before VMs were cool. The engine was used in at least 2 commercial game engines including one I wrote for Disneyworld Epcot Center.

I can be reached at or Skype : mrjoltcola

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