This may be a trivial question, but I cannot figure exactly what the status "disputed" means for a flag:

  • "helpful" means that the flag as been considered as justified and useful for the community,
  • "declined" is the opposite,
  • "disputed" = ???

I initially thought this was a transitional state like "pending": the flag has been seen but something is going-on to determine whether this flag will finally be considered "helpful" or "declined".

However it seems I'm wrong and that "disputed" is a final state in its own right.

I mostly get this state when flagging answers left by new members who have not enough rep to comments other people's posts (btw I also wonder if there shouldn't be two different flags to distinguish between posts to delete and posts to keep and move as comments, merging the two within a unique flag just make it confusing).

Concrete examples:

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