Currently has quite a vague tag wiki: "Governed by or involving equal chances for each item." doesn't have tag wiki at all.

When should tags and be used?

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I feel a bit cautious about using the word PRNG, since it is not always used the same way by everyone.

  • Sometimes it is used to refer to the thing that you use to generate entropy for a random seed or a random crypto key (think: /dev/random or /dev/urandom or CryptGenRandom).

  • Other times, it is used to refer to a crypto algorithm that accepts a short seed/key and produces a long sequence of pseudorandom output (think: RC4, AES-CTR).

  • Still other times, it is used to refer to a non-cryptographic algorithm for pseudorandom numbers (think: rand()).

This means there is some opportunity for ambiguity in what refers to. Personally, I'm not sure we want to take a stance on this terminological question on this site.


PRNG should be used specifically when talking about PRNG, whereas Random can apply to any random source.

You can always edit in the tag wiki if you like :-)

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